Health Insurance Policy

In an effort to increase the accessibility and utilization of basic health services at an affordable cost to the villagers, in particular the poorest of the poor, GK has introduced a social health insurance scheme that covers most villagers’ basic health costs.

Community Based Health Insurance System (CBHIS)

  • A story of continued struggle for better health for the poor.
  • GK is pioneer in CBHIS in Bangladesh.
  • In 1973 GK started with a flat rate service charge for treatment.
  • In this system rich people gets maximum benefit.

Level of services:

  • Primary Health Care.
  • Secondary Health Care.
  • Tertiary Health Care

Service providing strategy:

  • Service provided by inclusive door to door visit
  • Through medical camp
  • Through primary health care center
  • Through secondary level health care center
  • Through tertiary level health care center