Mobile Clinic

Dhaka city has over 15 Million residents of which approximately 60% are daily wage labours particularly Rickshaw and Push cart Van Pullers, Fruits, vegetables, cheap or nameless vendors, street cobblers, small tea shop and cigarette sellers, betel nut and pan shop owners, domestic servants, repair shop workers and garment workers. Most extreme poor people live in 60slums in different WARDS (sub units) of Municipal Corporation.

GK initiated exclusive Rickshaw Pullers Health Cooperatives with the help of Medico International of Germany to pilot health care provision for urban extreme poor since December 2009. GK experience reveals that besides Rickshaw pullers, there are many other self employed poor are also living in slums. Who are gradually incorporated into special health insurance programmes. Gonoshasthaya Mobile Clinic caters healthcare for urban poor.

GK started to provide extensive HI for rickshaw pullers, but frequently they change their job because of hard work and harassment. Many change their job to become daily wage labourer, some try to start small tea shop by roadside. That is why GK decided to provide health services to all of them. It opens opportunities for garments and also for National Press Club members (Dhaka, Journalists) to make GK make people aware about the role of Mobile clinic.

It was decided to charge Tk. 100 per annum per non-smoking family and taka 125 per annum for family with smoking member.

GK Dhaka experience further expanded to Tongi is a neighboring township in Gazipur, Bangladesh with a population of 350,000 that hosts the Biswa Ijtema, features a BSCIC industrial area, which produces BDT 1500 Crore of industrial products annually, and marks the northern border of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, since 1786.

Under the cooperative scheme, the family members of get the following services:

  • Referral from mobile clinic and their family get free consultation from qualified MBBS doctors and Paramedics at the Mobile Clinic, Gonoshastahaya Nagar Hospital and Tongi Gonoshastahaya Hospital round the clock. They will also get nail cutting, Blood Pressure checking, vaccinations for children and family Planning methods excluding Menstrual Regulation (early abortion) free of charge.
  • There is no charge for hospital bed, but only TK 300 is charged as admission fee.
  • Pregnant women will get Antenatal and Post Natal care (ANC+PNC) free of charge. Pregnant women will be charged Taka 50 for three months supply of 100 Iron-folic and 100 Calcium Lactate tablet.
  • Blood group and diabetes checkup will cost Tk. 50 only. Same charges will be charged for routine Blood, Sputum, Stool and Urine check up.
  • Safe Normal Delivery at Gonoshasthaya Nagar Hospital is free of charge. Only Tk 300 (Euro 3) will be charged as admission fee. Patient has to arrange their own food. Hospital does not provide food.
  • Charges for ECG examination is Tk. 100 only and that of ECHO examination is Tk. 200 only. Non insured person will have to pay Tk. 600 for ECHO examination.
  • Tk. 200 is charged for each Liver Function Tests, Lipid Profile tests and CSF (Cerebro Spinal Fluid) tests.
  • Members receive most essential medicine from Mobile Clinic and GNH at Government approved MRP (Maximum Retail Price).
  • Tk. 200 only is charged for each USG and X-Ray.
  • Almost all kinds of operation charge is Taka 3000 only. Cataract operation with IOL (Intra-Ocular Lens) fitting is Tk. 2000 only. Smokers have to pay Tk.1000 more. Tk. 3500 only is charged from non HI persons.
  • Circumcision charge is Tk. 200 only.
  • Tk. 3000 charged for Caesarian. However charges for Gall stones, Kidney operations for removal of stones, Uterine prolapsed is Tk. 4000 only. Orthopedic operation charge is Tk. 4000 only. If no Special Health Insurance then charge may vary from Tk. 7,000 to 20,000.
  • Anesthesia charge for all kinds of operations is only Tk. 300.
  • Blood transfusion is free, but Tk. 200 is charged for blood bag, intravenous tube, reagents etc. ‘Blood is not for sale’, campaign are undertaken. Encourage your family members and friends are encouraged to donate blood.
  • Treatment for Dental caries and other problems cost is Taka 100 only.
  • Physiotherapy (pain relief without medicine) for each time is charged TK. 60 only.
  • Each Ayurveda consultation, treatment and massage for each time charge is Taka 100 only.
  • Each Nebulization for Asthma treatment is Tk. 50 only. Non insured persons is charged Tk. 200 each time.

Working spot Dhaka city

Working spot Tongi

Gabtoli, Goider Hat

Gate no.1( Borobari)

English road and nearby slam

Tongi Rail station


Abdullahpur Bus stop


Board Bazzar

Slum Near Mirpur Zoo

Kamarpara Bridge


Sonabari Mazar area

English road / nearby slam




Azimpur slum area






Slum Near Mirpur Zoo




Azimpur slum area


Bosti no 10