Specialized Health Camp

Specialized Health Camp (SHC):

Health camps commonly understood as treating patients by a group of health professionals at outside of clinics and hospitals. Health camps are organized traditionally in rural areas. The SHC was conducted by two ways: Base camp, which integrated medical services with minor and major operations throughout (2-8 days) the camp and another one, outside camp which incorporated medical services with only minor operation for a day. GK has totally changed the concept of Health Camp by demonstrating Specialized Health Camp (SHC) at hard to reach areas. It has integrated Medicine, Cardiology , Surgery, Gynae, and Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, ENT, Dental, Physiotherapy, ECG, Ultrasonography, Pathology and Pharmacy departments by setting up of temporary hospital in inaccessible outreach areas. Surgery included- general surgery, Pediatrics surgery, eye operation, Gynecology, and Obstetrical operation, Orthopedics. Surgical operations were performed by the Professors and Senior Registrars of Gonoshasthaya Sumaj Vittick Medical College and Hospital (GSMCH). Moreover, blood transfusion also performed if required.


The overall objective of the project is to demonstrate a model to identify and manage health problems of the poor people living in hard to reach areas of Bangladesh through specialized health camps as an approach for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and to impart general knowledge about personal hygiene, water and sanitation, health and nutrition and to rebuilt social network to undertake pre and post disaster preparedness, emergency health care response and recovery for just in time.

Specific Objectives are:

  • To take essential health care services to the door-steps of rural people who live in difficult to reach areas.
  • To provide specialized health care services which are not available to the neglected poor people at a low cost nearest to their homes and thus reducing their work-loss, hospital stay and economic burden.
  • To demonstrate a model for other health care providers.

Achievement of SHC:

GK was conducted 42 SHCs for 211 days during September 2011- December 2014 in coastal outreach area of Potuakhali, Borguna, Bhola, Sylhet, Norshingdi, Feni and Noakhali District, Bangladesh. During this period total 73,874 patients were given to different types of health services.

During this period there performed 362 major and 4880 minor operations.

Case Study No-1 (Eye Operation)

Name: Sultan Ahmed Father`s Name: Mohammad Basu Chowkider
84 Years Address: Name of Village: Char Nazim,
Name of Union Council:
Char Madraj
Name of Upuzila (sub-district):
Name of District: Bhola
Profession: Farmer

Background of the Case Study:
Sultan Ahmed has been living for long time in the village of Char Nazim under Union of Char Madraj at the Upuzila (sub-district) of Charfassion in Bhola District, Bangladesh. He has four sons and three daughters those are all married. He could see little due to old age. Gradually, he became to lose his rest of eyesight since last 15 years. Therefore, he became depended to others to conduct moving and perform his activities of daily life. From this time being his wife was taking care but his wife passed away in 10 years ago. Therefore, he became helpless. After that his daughter in law was taking care to him. His daughter in law has taken of eight decimals land by registered due to taking care. By this time he finished his younger son and daughter`s marriage ceremony. They have no children. But he could not see his younger son in law and younger daughter in law. He also failed to see of two daughters of his younger son. Finally, the accomplishment of a successful surgery on 30 October 2014, he became able to see the world. At the initial stage of his disease he visited a doctor of Lalmohon Upuzila (sub-district) in the District of Bhola.

After the examination the doctor told him that he will never get back the eye sight. Latter he went to the Eye Hospital of Chittagong. After different type of examinations they claimed BDT 12,000 (US$160) for surgery and but was unable to pay that amount of money. Therefore, he came back to home without surgery. Though his sons were farmer, and have the ability to pay such amount of money they didn`t agree to pay for him. His third son went to the Medical College of Barishal for treatment of leg pain but he didn`t come to see his father to nearby Gonoshasthaya Kendra after surgery of cataract. Even rest of three sons won`t come to see him during or after surgery. All daughter`s have taken initiative to take admission in Gonoshasthaya Kendra for surgery of cataract although they were warned by their brothers that if their father remains blind they will no more take care of him. Additionally, they asked to their sister to take care of father. Ignoring all the obstacles, at last the second son in law, Nazrul Islam brought to his father in law in Gonoshasthaya Kendra on 20 August 2014. During this time Sultan Ahmed was suffering from high bold pressure. To control of the high blood pressure the Doctor from Gonoshasthaya Kendra prescribed some medication to control the high blood pressure. After that, the doctor conducted surgery of Lacrimal Canal at 23 August 2014. Thought the blood pressure and Lacrimal Canal were normal at the 29 September 2014, but the blood sugar was 10 m.mol/L. By considering this entire situation, Dr. Iqbal Hossen, Associate Professor (Eye Department) performed the surgery of Cataract on 30 October in 2014. Dr. Rafiqul Islam (Anesthetist) assists Dr. Ikbal Hossen for conducting a successful surgery. Next day on 31 October 2014, when the doctor opened the bandage form his eyes, he could see the whole things in the world after 15 years. During this time he could not find anyone without his second daughter with her husband. Gonoshasthaya Kendra has sent to Sultan Ahmed to his residence by their staff. On the whole way he was watching the natural beauty, and his familiar places. Seeing his nephews, he was passionate and embraced them. While, few days ago he was not able to see but now he could walk alone without assistance of others. This incident teaches us that it is an important to conduct specialized health camps (SHC) to provide affordable quality health care services to underprivileged community in remote area. Additionally, it is one kind of liability of the doctor to the nation.

Case Study No- 2 (Eye Operation)

Name: Samsuddin Ahmed
Father`s Name: Mobarak Ali
Age: 66 Years
Name of Village: Rasulpure
Name of Union Council: Rasulpure
Name of Upuzila (sub-district): Shasivushan
Name of District: Bhola
Profession: Rural Medical Practitioner

Background of the Case Study:
Samsuddin Ahmed is living in the village of Rasulpure under the Union Council of Rasulpure

at the Upuzila (sub-district) of Shasivushan in the District of Bhola, Bangladesh. He came here 40 years ago from Hijla (sub-district), Barishal district, Bangladesh. He became famous as a Rural Medical Practitioner. He experienced an insect bite in his right eye area. He went to Barishal Government Medical College to visit an Eye Specialist. The doctor prescribed him some Eye Drops, but his right eye sight became lower. After one year another eye became to blur and he became completely blind. Again he went to a village doctor and doctor told him that he has lost eye sight. Latter he collected BDT 5000 (US$ 67) by hard and soul and he came to Dhaka for surgery. Unfortunately, he was attacked by snatcher/hijacker and lost the whole money in Dhaka. Becoming hopeless he came to home and waiting for his death. He often wept and asked to remove his eyes. After passing his blind life of 12 years his 5th daughter along with her husband took him to the Specialized Health Camp of Charfassion on 31 October 2014. After examinations the Cataract of his left eye was operated by Associate Professor Dr. Iqbal Hossen (Eye Specialist), and Dr. Rafiqul Islam (Anesthetist). On the next day, 3 November 2014, when the doctor opened the bandage form his eyes, he could see the whole things in the world after 12 years. Surprisingly, he began to look for his beloved children but he failed to identify any one. After hearing their voice he was able to identify his beloved son and daughter and he was caring loudly. Additionally, he was shouting that he got a new life after 12 years. Till then he was a living dead. He was very much grateful to the doctor and the authority of Gonoshasthaya Kendra. As a rural medical practitioner he could earn BDT 200 (US$ 2.65) in a day. However, he passed his 12 years life in very hardship due to blindness. The people of that locality were quite unable to get health advice from him from 12 years. When the staff from Gonoshasthaya Kendra went to visit him at his residence they were told that Mr. Samsuddin Ahmed went to his 5th daughter`s house to them. It could be mentioned that while that man was completely unable to drink some water alone, now he can go to his daughter`s residence by walking two kilometer away.