vision & mission


  • Thefate of the poor decides fate of the country; and
  • The development of the country depends on the development of women.


  • Gramey Cholo Gram Goro (In English: Let us go to the village and build village)


  • To use primary health care as an entry point to work with the people, by the people, for the people to develop a just society.

General Objective

  • To develop a community oriented health care program which can provide comprehensive health care services.

Specific Objectives

  1. Develop people oriented health care management programs for making people aware of health issues;
  2. Provide education to poor women and children;
  3. Establish women’s rights by changing their status in society;
  4. Train rural people with basic medical skills to make them self-reliant;
  5. Work with poor people on their economic emancipation through income generation activities and organize them to defend their interests;
  6. Train poor women in non-traditional occupations and provide them with opportunities for income generation;
  7. Play key role of advocacy for humanitarian issues like access to public health care, basic primary education, gender equality, health, education and environmental protection for the well-being of poor people of Bangladesh;
  8. Create social awareness against fundamentalists; protect the interests of minorities and from communal violence to restore peace and security;
  9. Promote the mother language, Bangla and the spirit of the liberation war, establishing its significance in national life;
  10. Undertake relief and rehabilitation activities during and after natural and/or human made disaster and preparedness programs;
  11. Educate people to reduce carbon emission by introducing improved cook stoves, solar lamp, bio gas and vermin compost, hydraulic turbine and water mills;
  12. Maintain a certain level of self-reliance by engaging in more commercial activities to become less dependent on donors.


We welcome researchers and others interested in our work to visit and gain practical exposure to GK's activity in the field.


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