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Motor Driving is a very chilling profession for women. It’s one of the step of women empowerment.Women empowerment is not merely an `issue’ related to women. It is an issue of development of oursociety as a whole women’s education, health and their capacity to organize are important for society. Thework of GK is truly remarkable in the area of women empowerment. GK has not provide just mereemployment but also actually trained them by imparting technical skills making them aware of theirexistence in society as an entity, develop ability to take their own decision. Now they cannot be ignored.They are indebted to GK for making them stand on their own feet. Build confidence to take up a professionwhich was an earmarked for men.

GK promotes recruitment and training of women in basic primary education and in different skills especially in nontraditional vocational trades. Motor driving is one of the non traditional profession for women. Yet most of the drivers are male in our society. GK started Women Motor Driving Training Centre since 1996 in Cox’sbazar. Till 2014, 120 young lady received motor driving training. Some of the trainees drop out for family reason. Out of 120 trainees 80successfully complete their training and got driving licenses from BRTA office. Now 22 women driver are working in different project of GK. Another 25 are working in different national and international organization in Bangladesh. GK take initiative to break the traditional role of women and create nontraditional occupation for women through Motor Driving Training.


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